Saturday’s Snapshot Scene #4

What better way to share your company culture with the world then by posting a ton of random photos on the web? Photo sharing sites sure make it easy for us to over-share don’t they?

Butler Bros – Grainy b&w photos = cool? – Austin, TX

Academic Superstore – Clients are on Flickr too – Austin, TX

Tocquigny – Keg Stands? – Austin, TX

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  1. I was recently notified via Twitter that the flicker photos of the Butler Brother’s office were not posts by TBB. Looks like they were posted by giovanni gallucci. I wonder if he told the sorry about how he and whurly shut down a corporated website etc etc etc while he was taking those pics…I wonder this as I have yet to see giovanni do a presentation without him telling that sorry….ok, that is not true, I sat with him on a panel at the last Innotech summit in Austin and he did not use that sorry. 🙂

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