Email, blogs and other online forms of communications make it so easy to meet and interact with folks without ever pressing the skin and meeting face-to-face in a more traditional manner. The Austin Interactive Marketing Association event I attended this morning gave me a chance to meet a few folks who I have only met or interacted with online and a few other folks I hadn’t see in a bit. John Engler, VP at UnsubCentral was someone that I hadn’t met face to face until today. It was nice to touch base again with a few others including Charlie Ray, New Media Director at Lin Television at part of KXAN. He was with WhiteLion, an interactive design firm, previously. I was also able to chat a bit with Patrick Asbra, sales manager over at Datran Media.

So, the point is to go out and meet people face-to-face from time-to-time. The web is great tool and it does make most of the things we need to do more efficient, but a handshake and smile still needs to be a greatly used part of our toolset.

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