A Manifesto

I’ve always loved the saying regarding web design/coding that goes something like ~just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it~. I recently came across this “Manifesto” at Foda Studio that makes the point in a much more eloquent manner:

“Designers should not tell you they’re different because they use the latest technology, work closely with clients to develop creative solutions, or take time to learn about their clients.

All designers worth hiring owe these same minimal obligations.
And while current technology is expected, it’s not always appropriate.

One should hire designers who refuse glittering generalities—who are skeptical of assumption, hyperbole and preconception.”

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  1. “Robert,

    Thanks for the recent (well, November, but I’m slow) props to our Manifesto on your blog. Glad it has some resonance.

    best regards,

    Jett Butler
    Creative Director_Owner
    . . . . .

    FÖDA STUDIO, inc.
    1100 W 6th Street
    Suite B
    Austin, TX 78703



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