Go Scrooge Yourself

Viral marketing doesn’t have to center on a cool/hip idea and it doesn’t have to be ground breaking. Take last year’s Elf Yourself campaign from OfficeMax. Basically you could add your head-shot to an elf body and then do various things with the end result. Making it dance on your screen or emailing it to friends were some of the more popular actions. The elf campaign got national news coverage with many talk show hosts and new anchors using their self-homage elves in their shows.

This year, OfficeMax hopes to get the same good results with a campaign titled Scrooge Yourself. Same idea as last year, upload a head-shot and you too can become the grouchy one himself. Toy, an advertising agency based in New York, is responsible for the Elf and Scrooge campaigns as well as several other less promoted campaigns such as North Pole Dancing, Shake the Globe, and Reindeer Arm Wrestling.

What ever happened to bowling elves over with penguins? Bah Humbug

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