Not "Going Viral"

Viral Marketing – Here’s why I like it:
1. It can be relatively inexpensive.
2. It can give your brand/product/service a great deal of exposure.
3. It can energize your team and your customer base.

You notice that I used the word “can” in all those reasons.

Here’s are the problems with viral:
1. It can be relatively expensive if it doesn’t get traction.
2. It can give you no/low exposure and maybe even make you look silly.
3. It can be a bummer to the team when/if it fails.

Case in point: The Paul Frank “Be a Ninja” Video viral campaign that ends today. They only got four submissions including my personal entry. (Feel free to give me 5 stars and comment on how ~great~ my video is.) They are giving away a bike and a hooded sweatshirt. I only found out about the contest because I happened to go to to check out some shirts. I wonder if this was meant to be a huge campaign. I wonder if the Paul Frank folks are disappointed. I personally would have used the time and money they spent on this on some paid search, but that is just more my style.

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