GSD&M to Layoff

I know I give the GSD&M gang a hard time, but no kidding today. The Idea City announced that they would start laying off workers this week. Analyst are saying as many as 200 will be let go. GSD&M President and COO, Duff Stewart, was quoted in the Austin American- Statesman: “This is not about numbers, This is about people.” Duff, I must disagree with you. This is about the numbers and the people, the number of people you will be walking out the door this week. My inside sources at The City say that lack of future planning and drumming up new business is as much to blame as losing some key accounts.

Maybe with 200 ex-GSD&Mers out on the streets, some new boutique shops will form.
Think McGarrah Jessee or The Butler Brothers.


  1. Your inside sources are dead on. In addition to losing a number of accounts in the last year, we’ve also failed to land much new business. John Deere and World Market are great and all, but much, much smaller than, say, Best Buy.

    And you are correct. It IS about the numbers and the people. It is very frustrating for those of us on the inside to not know how many people are being cut. Are we safe? Are we not? I know I’m not alone in wishing we could just be told, one way or another. We’re adults. We can handle Roy or Duff giving it to us straight. Indeed, after all the fuzzy-happy speeches of the past year (including, to an extent, the layoff announcement on Tues.), being leveled with would be highly refreshing.

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