Happy Anniversary GSD&M

GSD&M Idea City is celebrating its one year anniversary of losing Wal-mart as a client by announcing that it has lost the AT&T account. The festivities are all the more festive as GSD&M-ers reminisce on a year that also includes the losing of the Chili’s Bar and Grill and Tostitos accounts as well as the not-winnings of Terminix, Domino’s Pizza, and the US Census Bureau account. GSD&M has also reported that no immediate layoffs are planned as part of the celebration and that they will work hard to find work for all that need jobs. In honor of the great year, happy hour parties are planned tonight at two popular watering holes. The over 35 crowd will be meeting at Donn’s Depot while the under 35 will be hooking up at Molotov Lounge. Pink slips will get you access to the VIP rooms at both venues.

On a more somber note, GSD&M did win the John Deere and World Market accounts in the past year.


  1. Um, if they’re not laying people off, why would they need to help people find jobs? The truth is, they’ve had plans in the works for some time to cover this outcome, since it isn’t exactly a surprise.

  2. I assume/hope they mean that they are trying to find folks work within the agency. The lost might not be a surprise, but I sure don’t see as much good GSD&M news as I see bad. What is in the works?

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