Yahoo Good to Google Great

Yahoo announced that it had exceeded third quarter expectations by increasing it revenue by 12% to $1.8 billion. After increased expenses from business expansions, Yahoo was left with $151 million, a 5% decrease, in profits. Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Lang said: “Moving forward, we are focused on three big, multi-year objectives: to become the starting point for the most consumers on the internet; to be the ‘must buy’ for the most advertisers; and to deliver open, industry-leading platforms that attract the most developers.”

Google also topped estimates, but did so in an oh-so-much-more-profitable way. Earnings for Q3 came in at $1.07 billion (46%) besting Q2, which came in at $733.4 millions. Revenue for the third quarter was $4.23 billion, not to shabby.

I was hoping to get a quote from Google but my calls to founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have not been returned.

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