Cost Per Lead is OK Dave

So, I’m currently behind on my reading of Brandweek and just finished up the October 1st issue. The issue contains an article on cost per lead marketing written by David Mammano, Publisher of Next Step Magazine. Next Step is, according to Dave, “a magazine for students that helps them plan the path that their lives will take after high school.” Nice, but my post is not about his magazine. Dave suggests rather bluntly that all marketers should abandon their cost per lead activities and “instead focus on creating a compelling marketing campaign.” I guess a “compelling campaign” can’t include CPL?

Dave rambles on a bit about how, in the magazine world, CPL just doesn’t work as people will not tell you that they saw the ad. I agree if all we are talking about is a plain ad. I must respectfully point-out that unique phone numbers, unique urls, and promo codes can be use to perfectly track the CPL business. I think where CPL does fail is in its execution. I think an honestly run CPL buy can work well for both sides. The magazine can help the advertiser understand the need for better tracking. The advertiser can then share the results back with the magazine and so the circle of a mutually beneficial relationship can be formed.

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