eMarketing Presentations and Bad Manners

As promised, here’s a link to several of the Innotech eMarketing presentations. Rohit Bhargava’s “10 Truths” presentation is probably the most interesting one currently posted. Bulldog Solutions’ presentation on benchmarking is also posted and it is mildly interesting, but I was rather unimpressed with their President Todd Davison taking a call during another person’s presentation…and I don’t mean he left the room to take the call, he took it right there at his table.


  1. Your blog was brought to my attention this morning and I wanted to thank you for giving our benchmarking presentation a nod, in such good company. And while we’re at it, you’re right, it was poor form, thanks for keeping me honest in true wiki format. I took a call from my sister, and had to get her in a headlock after the event. I took some ribbing internally as well, and, yeah, it was bad form. Take care, Todd

  2. Todd-

    On behalf of everyone in the room at the time as well as the presenters – apology accepted.


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