Blogging @ eMarketing Summit

Seeing Allen Olivo, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing, Yahoo! Inc., at the Texas eMarketing summit was really cool, but hearing how Yahoo! pulled a big brain stunt at Time Square did not hit as close to home as Rohit Bhargava’s (left), Vice President, Interactive Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations, presentation of the “10 truths of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World”:

1. Your secrets are not secrets
2. Authenticity, not transparency
3. Personality makes it real
4. They know you are marketing
5. Falling asleep on hold is bad
6. Screwing up is an opportunity
7. In strangers we (now) trust
8. Features don’t matter
9. Your mom reads blogs (seriously)
10. Relevance is content, not ads

The podcast of his presentation, which explains the ten truths, as well as the rest of the presentations should be posted soon and I’ll try to post links as soon as they are available.

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