Coremetrics vs. Google – Hurt Weighs In

Online Market World – Thursday 10-4-07
Some industry experts weighed in on the obvious need to use some type of analytics tool to track visitors and actions on your websites. The panel, actually speaking on word of mouth marketing, was made up of Michael Ratner, Bill Hanekamp, Scott Sigler, and Coremetrics Founder / Bazaarvoice CEO Brett Hurt. The panel briefly discussed the use of analytics tools and Hurt admitted that, even though he founded Coremetrics, Bazaarvoice uses Google Analytics. The dollar signs were a little dimmer in Brett’s eyes yesterday.


  1. Robert,

    To be clear, I said that – our simple content website – uses Google Analytics. I did not recommend that the audience use Google Analytics for eCommerce sites or any site where you need to track visitor behavior over multiple sessions to a purchase action, registration, or some other key (complex) event that you are trying to get the user to complete.

    Let’s also put this in perspective. The audience at Online Market World was mostly made up of eBay sellers and very small companies from what I could tell. The smaller and simpler the website, the more appropriate that Google Analytics may be.


  2. Brett-

    Agreed. You did not say that large or eCommerce sites should rely of Google Analytics.

    The audience did seem a bit more random then at a larger show like AdTech. Yes, I noticed lots of eBay sellers and it was also hard to miss the Creative Director (didn’t get her name) from who asked every panel, no matter what the topic, to name their favorite sites and/or sites that do the best job of attacking the topic of the presentation. She had it out with Jim Sterne, owner of Target Marketing and the rest of the panel during Friday’s opening presentation. Fun stuff.

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