Tocquigny’s Tuna Two

Tocquigny’s COO, Pedro Laboy (right), was recently featured in an Austin American Statesman article regarding the tight local job market for tech savvy folks. Laboy is quoted as saying that the job market is NOT that tight. Here’s where the fun starts! John Ellett, CEO of nFusion (one of Tocquigny’s big competitors), is quoted in the same article saying that the tech job market IS tight. “Especially in the area of digital marketing and interactive development … the growth that people had hoped would happen in the late 1990s is actually in full motion now.”

Let me put the pieces of this duality together for you. To do this, I have to bring Jason Ford (left) into the story. See, Jason used to work for Tocquigny, then he worked for nFusion, now he works for Tocquiny again. So that leaves us with the lesson: when you loose your Interactive Director to a competitor, you have a tight market; when you “steal” your Interactive Director back from your competitor you have an un-tight market.

So, what does tuna have to do with this?


  1. I still don’t understand the Tuna reference. What I do understand is that the whole town laughed that Pedro was even quoted. “Not a tight market…” That’s why Tocq has had to go OUTSIDE of Austin to get ANYONE to work for them. (See: Worst Agency in Austin, this blog)

    Why Jason went back? Let’s see… $$ Tocquigny likes to brag that they’ve been through 6 Interactive Directors in 3 years. Oh, wait, that was Pedro, or THE SNAKE as he is often known.

    And why does PEDRO the SNAKE LEBOY still list himself as Partner with Tocq. on his LinkedIn profile? Don’t know… Perhaps no one will have him. His record speaks for itself, he saw the leadership of Tocq go from 120+ folks to about 30 in less than 3 years. WOW! Put that one on your resume.

  2. Update:

    Not sure when this happen, but Pedro is no longer at Tocquigny. His LinkedIn profile now has him listed as a Business Consultant in the Greater New York City Area.

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