Acton Gang Launches DisplayPoints

Greg Fitzgerald, using seed money mostly from his cohorts at the Acton School of Business, has started DisplayPoints Inc. The idea, already put into testing mode at a few local restaurants, is to place table top displays that can be used to push specials, advertise other businesses, and maybe even provide a bit of entertainment to diners. These are no ordinary double-sided paper table-top displays! They are hi-def LCD screens who’s messages can easily be changed. Also, as a tie in to a bit of mobile marketing, the screens could be used to prompt eaters to send test messages to various companies to get info on promos or other deals. The local test is currently being run in Bennigan’s, Austin’s Pizza, and Iron Cactus. The founders are currently trying to raise another $300K that will be used to develop the next version of the display. Like with many startups, the end goal is to sell out to a large media company and then I assume that the Acton gang will move on to something new.

Question: Will the pictures of burgers and meat-loaf on the display look anything like what I am served?

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