Good Morning America is running a series called “The Parenting Wars” in which they are examining various parenting issues facing folks these days. This morning’s segment (yes, I got up pre-6am.) revolved around babies in the workplace. Austin’s own T-3 was the main focus with its “T3 and Under” program that allows team members to bring their pre-crawling babies to the office. President and CEO Gay Gaddis, who was recently named Ad person of the year by the Austin Advertising Federation, was interviewed and said that the babies at work idea was born out of her panic that a group of her female, pregnant, and top team-members would leave the company once they had their children. The GMA segment went on to show a few T3ers trying to get some work done while they tended to their children’s needs. One admitted that he has to take care of a great deal of work after-hours due to having his daughter with him at the office. I kept waiting for them to question non-parent T3 folks to see how they feel about all the crying babies, but no luck as only some people on the streets of other cities were interviewed. The story failed to mention that dogs are also allowed at the T3 compound. Nothing like dirty diapers and wet dog to give a place some ambiance. (You might be wondering if I got up this early just to watch the story…No..I was up tending to our dogs and new baby.)

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