Has it really been 3 years?

7/5/14 was when I last posted.

I’ve been busy:

Stamps.com Buys Austin-based ShipStation

Highland Resources Welcomes ShipStation to Lamar Central

and all of this-> What’s been going on at ShipStation?

On just a slightly more personal note, I also recently launched Spit & Hustle and am using it to “dog food” not only ShipStation, but also the various tools that are now available to entrepreneurs.

Onward and upwards….

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7 Navy Seal Sayings that will Help You Get Stuff Done

I love quotes. Maybe too much. Here are 7 motivational Navy Seal sayings that will help you push through and get stuff done.

1. “The only easy day was yesterday”
– every day is a battle and you’ll have to push more tomorrow

2. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”
– getting used to the pressure is a big part of getting to the big thing

3. “Don’t run to your death”
– grow, yes, but do it in a smart way

4. “Have a shared sense of purpose”
– make sure everyone knows what their role is in achieving goals

5. “Move, shoot, communicate”
– the team needs to be able to effectively handle change together in order to succeed

6. “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”
– the right team doing the right things will be able to adapt when faced with problems

7. “All in, all the time”
– mediocrity and moderation will not get the job done

(Source of list is inc.com)

8 Things Top Online Retailers are Doing to Increase Conversion Rates

You may not be an Internet Retailer Top 500 or Next 500 company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a play or two from their playbook. Most of the tactics they use are not about having deep pockets. Here’s a list of some things you can do to help increase your site’s conversion rates:

8. Beef up your returns program
7. Add security seals and privacy guarantees
6. Add more shipping options
5. Improve your site search
4. Drive better traffic by improving your paid search, SEO, and Social Media efforts
3. Make site navigation improvements
2. Update product pages
1. Redesign your site

Using a free tool like Google Analytics can tell you great deal about how folks are interacting with your site. Use data gleamed there as a guide to what tactics you want to employee first. Make changes – learn from the data – make more changes – repeat (over and over again)

(Source of list is Internet Retailer)

7 Steps to Take to Cut Back on Shopping Cart Abandonment

Here’s a handy list of steps to take / ideas that might be worth trying it you want to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate:

7. Offer additional incentives during checkout
6. Add more shipping options
5. Show tax and shipping fees earlier in the purchase path
4. Make return policy easy to understand and easy to find
3. Display “trust marks” – security seals / satisfaction guarantees
2. Offer more promotions
1. Reduce the number of clicks required to complete the purchase

Extra advice – test how you use these steps as the manner in which they are presented will make a difference in how they perform.

(Source of list is Internet Retailer)

12 Website Features that Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Thinking about what website feature(s) you should launch next in order to increase your site’s conversion rate? Here’s a quick list mostly helpful to online retailers but some are good for SAAS companies too:

12. Ship to Multiple Addresses
11. Outlet Center
10. Overnight Shipping
9. Return Policy (easy to find/understand)
8. Express Checkout
7. Account Status/History
6. Shipment Tracking
5. Toll Free Number
4. Live Chat
3. E-mail
2. Customer Service Phone Support
1. Free Shipping

I should also point out that simply having these on your site will not increase conversion rates. There also need to be proper mention / marketing of the features. If you already have or plan to launch any of these, part of your plan must be how the feature is featured.

(Source of this list is Internet Retailer)